Christmas celebrations with a drink in hand!

3 min readDec 24, 2020


Here are a few of many special bottles that you can open this Christmas!

We all know how Christmas and the end of the year celebrations is a colossal
celebration, not only in India but also all around the world . Though this part of
the year comes every year but still every time the feelings are one in a million
and to make them more of memorable the days are marked with the best alcohol
in the town . .
But still the Christmas dinner marked with opening the best bottle of alcohol
can look discrete from place to place , depending upon where we are in the
world and where are we celebrating this very uncommon day of the year .
Every country in the world has its famous and special cuisine for the dinner
which includes the best and the most eminent drink of that country. The
alcohols we have for the Christmas are so intrinsically linked to the festive
season that it is the only time of the year that we have them to drink . What
makes these nostalgic and special with great value is the fact that they are only opened in this festive season .

Some of the very special alcohols opened on Christmas are as follows :-
1. KAHLUA — this one is a limited edition and was made exclusively for
the US. Made with blending 100% of Arabic coffee , gingerbread , rum ,
nutmeg , cinnamon and clove , all this adds a classic and royal taste to
the drink .
2. THORNTON’S CHOCOLATE LIQUIR :- This one is a smooths , made
from rich cocoa punch from the very famous high street chocolatier . we
can even try it as a chocolate syrup over the ice creams .
3. THE KING’S GINGER :- though the name suggests that it has an
addition of ginger to the liquor but that doesn’t affect the overall taste and
flavour of the alcohol .
4. DRAMBUIE 15 :- This is an upgraded version of the old Drambuie
whisky with a bit spicy taste too it . this aged version has a bit more
complex and less sweet flavour with special notes of spices , honey and
butterscotch .

5. DISARONNO :- This one is a flavour that we cannot miss out on, the
flavour of marzipan and it is most often paired with vodka . this even
makes a special apple cocktails when mixed with the apple juice .
Not only these but there have also been some of the notable liquors that
hold a special place on the special day of Christmas.

-Anushka Agnihotri




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