History of wine is a mystery. Its an ancient beverage that was used in place of
water and milk as it was considered healthy due it its bacteria fighting property
whereas milk and water were considered to be unhealthy. That is how basically
the trend of wine was started. The most basic form of wine is simply made by
fermenting the fruit juice with the fermentation causing alcohol to build up in
the liquid. Wine has its roots back to the Neolithic times and therefore the
cultivation dates back to some 6000 to 9000 years old . it is also said that the
people of the Mediterranean began to emerge from barbarism when they learned
the technique to cultivate wine.

Though China in 6000 BC started to make an alcoholic drink with the use of
fermented honey and fruit but still by 3000 BC the Egyptians were considered
to have made the first typical grape wine as by then they also started making
wine with this fermentation technique but with grapes this time and they also
started to label their wine. They stored them in pots that were named on the one
who made it and therefore the evidences and the studies suggest that Egyptians
were the first to have been made typical grape wine.
It is aid that “Beer is made by men, wine by God” and here comes the fact that
consumption of wine is considered a ritual . Ritual wine is somewhat sweet in
taste and was a part of the Jewish practice since the Biblical time and since the
Last Supper it is also contemplated to be a gift of God. The ancient Greek even
worshiped Dionysos , the God of Wine.
Even Dionysos tasted it, when will you!

-Anushka Agnihotri

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