Dec 2, 2020

4 min read

How the ever growing pub culture started in India

Pub, one of the most talked about business in modern times. Pubs are a spot to go to mingle, unwind and have a beverage. It is something one should insight.

But have you ever thought, where it came from? Why and how is this culture getting so popular in India?

Pub culture is a basic piece of English life, particularly understudy life.

In India, it started from Patiala peg in Mumbai, which is one of the nation’s most established foundations. This was the place where few of our freedom fighters settled upon the segment of India and Pakistan.

It can be seen clearly that the number of pubs in India is growing at a rapid rate. Checking all together, India has the excess of 800+ alcohol serving pubs and clubs.

There are many cities in India other than Mumbai that are making this pub culture an important source of their earnings and at the same time, are fully supporting this pub culture in moving forward.

Bangalore is one of these states, and is considered to be the best pub place in India at this time.

Bangalore has a functioning night culture and is home to more than 800 clubs and bars. The city is additionally alluded to by numerous individuals as the “Bar Capital of India”.

Here are some famous pubs of Bangalore,

  1. Monkey Bar
  2. Watson’s
  3. Toit
  4. The Irish House
  5. Prost Brew Pub
  6. The Biere Club
  7. Bootlegger Church
  8. Street Social
  9. Harry’s Bar + Cafe
  10. Sotally Tober

No doubt that clubbing and partying in pubs has started from Mumbai but it got famous from Bangalore, which is why it’s called the city of party lovers.

Bangalore is the IT hub of India, the youth residing here loves to hangouts in these pubs after their working hours. Their motive of visiting such places is to spend a few moments of peace after working so that they can get rid of their fatigue. This is why pubs are known as a place where anyone can come to wipe out their entire day’s tiredness by sitting down to drink sips of liquor peacefully.

It has been observed that the working-age people visit the pub most.

Pubs host can family members and our friends also for get-togethers, we can conduct meetings, we can launch parties and list never ends, the facilities offered by the pub are increasing with the pace of their increasing trend.

But with the changing times, pubs have also undergone many changes and modernity, now it’s no longer just a place to sit and drink wine along with having snacks, but now every facility and thing is provided that intend to enhance the mood of people and remove all kinds of fatigue and mental stress they have.

The younger generation is being drawn towards pub this much, ever thought why?

It’s because this is the only place to get rid of the chaotic life of today’s generation for a few moments. Every bar and pub is launching themselves with new tricks, giving creative offers to its customers

Following Bangalore, the rest of the states had joined this race to be a part of this growing industry.

But before clubbing trend came into people’s notice they used to spend their time in places like cafes but since this trend has came to India most of the people have been found to be attracted to the pubs, the only reason behind it is that this is a place where one can have drinks of their choice, hangout with their friends, like in early times of this culture, pubs used to have only drink and eat options but now they’ve such facilities available :-

  • Cuisine evenings
  • Parody night
  • After work drinks
  • Brew celebrations
  • Business lunch
  • Going on a date
  • Conventional bar games
  • Karaoke
  • Bartending shows
  • Open mic nights
  • Dating nights
  • Family / Friends gatherings

As mentioned above, pubs also are flourishing with this way of life and are utilizing inventive approaches to acquire the group. Most bars across urban communities have different offers and occasions on weeknights contrasted with ends of the week. The interest to slow down at these spots saw the introduction of intelligent approaches to catch the consideration of bars.

It’s not simply the twenty to thirty year olds who are empowering the development of the bar culture, it’s even the age in their 40’s. With ends of the week being gone through with families, most more seasoned couples or singles think that its all the more unwinding to make up for lost time and go out on a weeknight. Go to any bar on Karaoke night and you’ll see men in their 40s singing off-tune with their glasses of whisky!

Aren’t we all lucky to have them all!

-Nikita Rajpoot