Indian Alcohols cherished all around the world

Alcohol is already well established as a social lubricant even in India. With India having the second largest population in the world, it isn’t surprising that it is home to some indigenous alcohols as well as some brands that are all the rage around the world, that people are very eager to try.

*Some of the most famous brands to come out of India are:

  • Old Monk Rum:

Possibly the most popular brand of rum within India, while also being very cost effective, Old Monk is a classic. It’s especially known for its unique product design and superior taste which catapulted it among the most popular dark rums in the world.

-Bira 91:

Bira 91 Beer is immensely popular among the youth in India, with them offering a wide variety of brews, with labels and branding portraying a fun and happening brand.

The buzz also seems to have caught the attention of youth outside India as they offer unique variations such as the Indian Pale Ale, Bira Blonde and Bira White. They have also recently launched in stores all around Australia.


Amrut is the first single malt whisky to be made in India. It is made from Barley sourced from the Himalayas, fermented in wooden oak barrels and aged, to provide a distinctive flavour that is an experience in itself.

It is the preferred whisky for rich elites overseas. This liquid gold was the only one to make it to the shelves of Harrods’ Whiskies around the world section in October 2011.

*Other than brands of already established alcoholic drinks, India also offers some unique local preparations and varieties of alcoholic beverages that get very creative:


Toddy, also known as Palm wine, is infamously known to originate in Kerala, being made from the sap of various species of Palm trees. It has a distinctly acidic and sour taste, making it very unique and definitely worth a trip. The sap is extracted by beating unopened buds of palm tree inflorescence, and collected in pots, which are then segregated and fermented. The result is a mildly intoxicating beverage (having around 8.1% alcohol content by volume).

Taadi or palm wine from coconut palms, date palm and Palmyra palms are very popular drinks in rural parts of India, also known as kallu in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, neera in some parts and Taadi in North India.

-Cashew Feni

Feni liquor from Goa is one of the two most popular types of feni with cashew, produced from varieties of cashew apples.

Coconut feni or palm tree feni is known as Taadi in some parts of India but different in taste, Cashew feni is found in the Geographical Indication of Goa.


Mahua is the most popular tribal and local drink of India during the celebrations, produced from the edible mahua flowers and also used for medicinal purposes.

  • Hadia (Rice Beer)

Hadia is a rice beer from the list of Indian states and very popular in the Indian subcontinent, known by different names.

Kiad, Kosna, Raksi, Lugdi, Chhaang, and Apong from Assam are the well known rice beer of India, very much popular among the tribes in Central and North East India.

All the above alcohols are indigenous to our country but are extremely popular among foreign tourists and are our country’s specialty, something that we are known for and are proud of.

“India is one of the World’s most Attractive Alcohol markets”.

-Keyuri Mehta

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