The spirit of Diwali; quite literally

Diwali, the festival of lights, symbolises the celebration of victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge of ignorance.

Diwali is indeed one of the most pious festivity that brightens the whole country with its bedazzling aura and enchantment. However, there are lots of myths and stories woven around celebrating Diwali. Some believe in worshipping Goddess Lakshmi while some dedicate their worship to powerful Goddess Kali and some other venerate their prayers to Lord Ganesha as a symbol of auspiciousness and wisdom.

Over the years, the way we celebrate Diwali has changed gradually. People have become more conscious about the environment. With people occupied under the hectic lifestyles, Diwali is one of the festivals that offers families and friends to get together and celebrate love and light.

Despite various reasons ,one thing that is perpetual ,unbounded and that brings everyone together is indulgence for food and drinks. Diwali is acknowledged for its luscious sweets, savoury munchies and appetizers. With each passing year, Diwali’s authentic sweets, fruit delights and sharbat is replaced by funky mocktails ,cocktail drinks and appetizing mixed drinks. Besides feasting over goodies and snacks, bracing up to the cold brew to beat off the sorrows and clinking the drinks to the fresh beginnings is the new contemporary.

Over the time ,people gradually jazzed it up and started hosting cocktail parties during festival occasions. And now, the prevailing taste is to crack a bottle and take a pull over amazing drinks. The civilised generation of today are on a constant perceptive for experiences that are modern and unadulterated.

Many Indians are now being experimental in modifying the spirits to add new essence and complexion to the drinks. To suit their lively culture, people are endorsing rich and flavoursome international drinks mixed with herbs, spices and special Indian ingredients. New age drinkers of today aspire for modernity, coolness and of course insta-worthy ambience.

Diwali, especially is a festival that is known for its sweets and drinks. The current trend is focussed in making home infusions of whisky with mandarin and Vodka with rose petals to vegetable extracts. There are various other ingredients that can be mixed to bring out fun cocktail. They include kokum, jaljeera, shikanji, golgappa Pani which can be mixed with some international drink that stimulates our senses with joy and excitement.

From sweet to sour, cocktails contain a blend of all the things that are necessary to relish in any kind of occasion. They are the most ideal for parties and probably the coolest thing to try out .

So why wait?

Gin up and shake it up!!

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