People who like drinking have always believed that enjoying
alcohol is not just the business of ‘taste’. Many stand by the
opinion that enjoying drinking involves all five senses i.e. see it,
feel it, taste it and smell it but how sound one hears it? And for
that we do ‘cheers’.
The clinging of the alcohol glasses is symbolic of happiness and
a cheerful gesture towards others in the room, but back in
history it always had a greater importance and a role to play.
Back in the days when kings used to have great wars to
establish their kingdoms, many of the times they used to sign
treaties or agreements with the neighboring kingdoms for
peace and friendship. The foes always believed that one can be
killed with poisoning. To avoid this, the parties involved would
clink the glasses so that the liquid from one glass would spill
into another as a symbol of trust.
Some theories about clinking also say that ‘cheers’ will spill
some alcohol on the floor for the spirits around (like spirit for
spirits). This spilling of the liquid is an act of satisfying the spirits
by giving them a share of alcohol and casting the evil spirits off.
Germans also like to bang their beer jugs on the wooden table
loudly after toasting, this is also looked at as a symbol to cast
evil spirits away.
But what really is relevant till date is the fact that alcohol is a
community drink, it makes friends and families come together
and share happiness. It is a gesture of love for the oldies to sit
together and share their experiences while chilling together is a
thing that all the youngsters enjoy. Alcohol has been a part of
human history for a very long time and it is here to stay. So

-Ketaki Vaidya


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